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Equipment Rentals


Small System

2 Speakers on Stands, Powered Mixer with all accessories for a small party of 25 to 75 people.

* Up Grade - Add 2 Sub cabinet Speakers

Mid System

2 Main Speaker cabinets, Powered Mixer, 2 Monitor Speakers, Mikes with all accessories for a party of 75 to 250 people.

* Up Grade - Add 2 Sub Speakers

Large System

2 Main Speakers, 2 Sub Speakers, 6 Monitor Speakers, Power Amps, Mixer, Effects with all accessories for a party or event of 250 to 800 people. Includes- Sound Engineer, Lighting Package, Snake.

Concert System

4 Main Speaker cabinets, 4 Sub Speaker cabinets, 8 Monitor cabinets, Mikes, Power Amps, Mixer, Effects with all accessories for Event or Concert of 800 to 3,500 people. Includes- Sound Engineer, Lighting Package, Snake.

Custom Concert Systems lets us design it for your Event!

JBL Sure

Crown QSC

Mackie Yamaha

Peavey EAG

Chavuet AmPeg

Ludwig Genz benz

Wedding Special

- LED- up lighting to accent the room - lights will fade softly from Color toColor or with with the color that you have chosen to accent your Wedding day.

- Great for placing around the room to give the desired mood lighting for your SPECIAL DAY!

This is a Wedding Coordinator's Dream come true!

DJ Packages

- Small System + Lights

*Add 2 - Sub Speakers

- Mid System + Lights

* Add 2 - Sub Speakers

- Large System with2 -Sub Speakers+ Light show

- Concert System with 4 -Sub Speakers + Light show

DJ's love this package- Just show up and perform - let us do the lifting, set up and take down!

Delivered and set up for your Event or Party. Packed and picked up by our experienced staff.

Quality Sound Reinforcement

- Mikes - Stands - Cables - Snakes

- Mains - Subs - Horns - Monitors

- Amps - Mixers - Effects

Complete Backline

- Bass Amps - Guitar Amps - CD Player

- Drums - Keyboards - Drum Machine

Complete Lighting Packages

- Moving Heads - LED lights - Motion to Sound

- Snakes - Controllers - Dimmer Packs

- Spot lights - Intimidators - Light Trusses

Event Services

- Portable Stages - Back Drops - DJ Services

- Stage Skirts - Drum Risers - Equipment Rental

and much, much more...

Sound Check 123 rents just the right equipment you need for your gig!

If you need a keyboard, or 2 Speakers, or Drum Set, Guitar Amp, Bass Amp, Bass Guitar, Spot Light, Power Amp or Wireless Mike....

Complete system or 1 item

~ we rent it to you - deliver it - we set it up and pick up

Call us! We have the equiprment you want.

Lighting Packages

Small Package

- 4 LED Cans

Mid Package

- 4 LED Cans

- 2 Intimidator

Large Package

- 4 LED Cans

- 2 Color Banks

- 2 Intimidator Moving Heads

Custom Package

- 4 LED Cans

- 2 Color Banks

- 2 Moving Heads

- 6 LED up lights

- Controller

LED - up lightiing programed to your

Wedding colors.

Chauvet - moving heads

#160- led

#260- led

Intimidators , color banks, led rain


Tri- Pods

Light Truss

Controlers- NSI, Chauvet-show express

Dimmer Packs

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Stage Rentals & Accessories

- 20' x 24' - 16' x 16'

- 24' x 16' - 8' x 8'

- Any size -

Discounted- One of the most ecconomical Stages

You will not rent a stage for less- we will beat their price!

Stage sections are 4' x 8' and can be made into any size stage for your Event or Party!

We deliver, set up and pick up after your event!

Drum or Stage Risers - 2' or 3' tall

- 4' x 8' sections

- 3' x 8' sections

Stage Backdrop

Stage Skirt

Dance Decks

For your out door Party

4'x8' decks- locked

together for a quality

Dance Floor.

economy - wood stage

Stageright stage - heavy duty

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